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The Jungle is an area found off of Lyceum, LACS 1894 is the entrance. Within, a Zaphragi Armada is combating a new alien threat to them when a new wormhole forms, created by the Zaphragi, to allow them to escape into Earthforce space.

A Lyceum researcher, Herophilus 3000, is sent by Lyceum to investigate the formation of this new wormhole. With the assistance of the player, he discovers that on the other side of it, is an entire Zaphragi Armada.

As you delve deeper into Jungle you first encounter Monkeys and Leopards which protect the gate. The Monkeys will be quick to dodge your shots while the Leopards hide under their stealth.

In Canopy Monkeys defend the gate to Treetops which is home to Prince Bandar-Log.

Leopards hide in Undergrowth, protecting the Forest Floor, where their elder, Lord Bagheera resides.

Going into the Deep Jungle, you must fight off Elephants to pass the River and edge closer to the Lake, the shores of which, Princess Hathi, the Primal Elephant, reside upon.

On the other side of the Deep Jungle, you must pass through the Badlands where you encounter Tigers faithfully protecting their master, Primal Tiger: King Shere Kahn, upon the Volcanic Peak.

Deep in the heart of the Jungle, the Dark Jungle hides the entrance to master of all primal Jungle guards, Subemperor Baloo, whose place is deep in the Cave. He has called upon each of the four tribes to send him a guard from each area of the Jungle. These guards must be defeated before Subemperor Baloo, the mighty Primal Bear, can sustain damage.

Jungle Complex