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This is the list of commands which can be run from the SS Client. It is obtained in game by writing /help.

Main Commands

Command Description
/age Displays the hours played in SS.
/alternativetitle Toggles the alternative title bar (concept by white wizard).
/ap <Galaxy Name> Engages the autopilot to the specified galaxy.
/avoid <Galaxy Name> Makes the autopilot avoid the specified galaxy (toggled). Can also be done by holding down Shift and Right Clicking on a galaxy in the universe map.
/avoidteam <Galaxy Name> Causes the autopilot avoid any galaxy owned by the same team as the galaxy specified (toggled).
/chatcolor <r> <g> Changes the color of the chat frame. RGB stands for Red Green Blue.
/CP Clears the profiler data (will enable the profiler if disabled).
/DP Dumps the current profiling data to the logs (will enable the profiler if disabled).
/FR, /f Causes a quick reconnection, essentially forcing everything to reload from the server.
/ignore <player> Adds a player to your ignore list. This means none of their communications will be visible to you, ever.
/like <teamname> or <playername> Removes all hate to target.
/list Displays ignored players list.
/Play <streamname> <value> Plays a recorded client stream. Specify a number as a second parameter to fast forward to that offset (in milliseconds). Middle click to stop, Left Click to rewind to 10 seconds, Right Click to fast-forward 5 seconds (Double Right Click for 2 minute fast-forward).
/Record <streamname> Records a playable stream of everything happening on the client.
/SaveCommands Allows the player to define a set of /commands to be executed on client start (only commands that do not require a server connection to work).
/say <text> Sends a message to the focused channel.
/search <galaxy> Centers the universe map on a galaxy.
/unignore <player> Removes a player from your ignore list. This will cause their communications to be visible again.
/whisper, /w <player> <message> Sends a private message to a player. Use “player name” for names with multiple words.
/autotractor Toggles whether or not your tractor will automatically grab something if you don't have a target. This does not mean your tractor will automatically be used; you still have to hit the tractor key.
/baseslots Displays the number of base slots available.
/charging Displays your current charging rates.
/claimkey Opens an interface to enter a keycode.
/endwar <teamname> or <playername>, /endwar player <playername>, /endwar team <teamname> Ends the war against specified team or player.
/enemies Lists your personal and team enemies.
/hidemodstar Allows chat mods to hide their star.
/limbo Resets the base where your ships are docked. Can only be done once, and it must be within the first 24 hours of the first time you log on to that character in a new universe. Use this, then dock at a station to dock all of your ships there.
/lockout, /lockouts Displays your current lockouts.
/marketcheck, /mc <itemname> Searches for the specified item on the marketplace (publicly accessible userbases and ai bases). Case Sensitive.
/maxturn <number> and /maxacc <number> Sets the maximum turn rate or acceleration for your current ship. Use without a number to reset to default.
/networkfactor, /nf <value> Changes the network factor for your account. This will reduce the network load at the cost of more network delays (from 1 to 20 default: 1). In lament's terms, this means: You will have more lag, but your internet usage will drop.
/outfithull Adds inbuilt items to your hull that were added to the game after you bought your ship.
/resetslave, /resetslaves Resets all slave's orders in the galaxy you are currently in.
/roll <number> Rolls a random number from 0 to <number> for everyone in galaxy chat to see. Can be used to distribute loot.
/shipvalue Displays your ship's equipped and repairable item's total value.
/showdamage, /showslavedamage, /showbasedamage, /showdronedamage Toggle. Displays damage done by the respective source.
/showdeltacreds Displays a message whenever you gain or lose credits.
/showpain Displays the damage done to your ship itself.
/showscoop Displays scoop related messages (squad and event chat).
/showtrade Displays any trades related to you in your current galaxy.
/squadboot <playername> Boots the specified player from your squad.
/squadcreate Creates a squad with you as the leader.
/squadinvite, /squad <playername> Invites the specified player to your squad. If no squad exists, a new squad will be created.
/squadleave Causes you to leave your current squad.
/tradetimer Displays how much time is left before you can post in trade chat again (appears in trade chat).
/toggleautocomplete Toggle automatic mission completion.
/toggleitemsetdisplay Toggles item set tooltip display.
/war <teamname> or <playername>, /war player <playername>, /war team <teamname> Wars the specified team or player.
/wars Lists your team wars.

Lagkiller Commands

Command Description
/CLKL <value> Sets a minimum value for the lag killer's logicfps.
/CLKU <value> Sets a maximum value for the lag killer's logicfps.
/GLKL <value> Sets a minimum value for the lag killer's fps.
/GLKU <value> Sets a maximum value for the lag killer's fps.
/LKC <value> Finetunes the lagkiller value. Use /LKC without parameters for more info.
/LKL <value> Sets a minimum value for the lag killer's logic and render fps.
/LKU <value> Sets a maximum value for the lag killer's logic and render fps.