Infernal Tempest

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Infernal Tempest is located off Lavanite.



The hideout of the the Infernal Faction, Infernal Tempest provides privateering players with a chance at black market goods through a variety of missions. In order to salvage these rewards, characters level 125 or higher must first contact an earthforce official in Earth Central, starting the mission chain. See Infernal Tempest Missions

Dungeon Galaxies

There are 4 dungeon galaxies available for exploration: Scorch, Infernal Confinement, Maelstrom and Kobaldstein's Lair. Each of them require 1 Neural Keysync to enter, which are dropped by all members of the Infernal Faction.

Notable Features


Infernal Tempest houses 3 suns that emit extreme amounts of light, making it a very high visibility galaxy, so characters who extensively rely on cloaks, would be at a disadvantage. A cunning player can, however, take advantage of this exteme condition, by equipping solar panels, which would give a substantial boost to energy regeneration.

Mining Sites

Those who like to live on the edge, are given the opportunity to rummage through the two asteroid rings, found around Alpha and Beta Inferno suns. The unique commodities found in the asteroids can then be used to create Infernal Cells - an innovative energy source that is used in production of specialised Infernal Faction gear such as: Solar Collection Drones, Doomed Items or Infernal Battery. Simply gather enough Xeno Isotopes (Prospected, see below), Neutron Rods (found around Beta Inferno), Solar Radiation (produced by Infernal Battery), and trade them for some brand new Infernal Cells in the Alpha Research Facility. Of course you will have to join the Infernal Faction as a layman first. (missions)


In order to get the Xeno Isotopes needed for the mission need to get a Digging Beam from Capella and use it on the planets to get them.


The Solar Collection Drones, circling the central Inferno sun, have been upgraded and can now return fire on attackers, giving an aura that reduces elec regen. Additionally, it is not advised to go past the drone ring, as the central Sun's gravitation pull delivers a serious negative tweak to agility, making the foolish captain easy prey.

AI Stations

The two stations in the galaxy are not on the Infernal Faction team, and can be used as a sanctuary by overwhelmed players. None of the stations, however, have anything for sale, so any of the required supplies will have to be brought from outside the galaxy.


The Infernal Tempest is guarded by the elite Infernal Faction forces - small Inferno+, fighters, medium goblin and goblin miner ships, and a single Doom Guard - the flagship of the Infernal Faction. If provoked, they will attack the agressor with unrelenting fury. Inferno+ are armed with two Buccaneer's Cutlasses and use condemned immolation in close combat; Goblins are armed with Shaolin Kick Torpedoes and Condemned Jade Ion Lasers, though some multifire dual tracking lasers that deal mining damage. The Doom Guard is armed with a Condemned Immolation and emits a nasty aura that cuts the shields of anyone within 4000 distance in half.

Several non-agressive Bulk Trader II ships tirelessly haul items needed for Infernal Faction's production needs.