Infernal Darkness

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Infernal Darkness is a strange, darker version of its bright counterpart, Infernal Tempest. Hiding near its dark suns and nebulae are darkened versions of goblins and infernos, Dark Inferno/Dark Goblin, supported by a Dark Doom Inferno.

The main system is guarded by ~20 Dark Inferno and Dark Goblin. These are all level 1500.

The warps to Dark Koboldstein's Lair, Dark Scorch's Hiding Place and Dark Maelstrom can be found here.

There are 4 bosses to be found in here. Dark Koboldstein, Dark Scorch, Dark Maelstrom, and Dark Diablo.

The only way to gain access to Infernal Darkness is to continue the Earthforce Constable missions where you will have to go back to the Alpha Research Station and obtain 15 Infernal Cells. Than you must kill a beefed up version of Scorch. After this you will be sent to Infernal Darkness to prospect the suns. With this mission activated you can than access Infernal Darkness. It seems to be balanced towards seers and other stealthy characters.

There are two asteroid belts North West and South of the central sun. The North West Belt holds Dark Neutron Rods, while the south holds Dark Isotopes. Both belts drop Dark Cells.