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Hyperion is the home galaxy of the ancient Kalthi League. It is a place of many secrets that are well guarded by the ferocious Kalthi Avengers. Aside from having a unique asteroid belt, the AI station also sells missile launches and missile factory blueprints, making it the perfect place to obtain new armaments for those who desire more firepower.

There are two stations within Hyperion; one of them is obvious to players upon entering the galaxy, while the other remains hidden. This hidden base drifts along the outer fringes of the star system and requires the piracy skill to dock in. Approaching this derelict station is also rumored to spawn two Suqqa Uj'Qi, which will readily assault players. Players are directed here for many missions.


There are a large number of missions available in Hyperion. Completing these gives players insight into the downfall of the Kalthi, as well as special missile technologies.

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