Handel's Cove

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A screenshot of the Handel's Cove star system. Here you can see the pirate outpost and one of the wiley brigands.

Handel's Cove (also known as Cove) is a star system with two AI controlled star bases. Cove can never be built in by players. This galaxy is also considered to contain one of the most infamous pirate outposts, only second to Tortuga, and also contains Pirate Maboule's personal hideout, which orbits the center at ~6,100 distance. The Cove Pantheon is not aggressive to outsiders, but they will fiercely defend their brethren if threatened.



Lost Cove
Maboule's Hideout
  • need Piracy level 1 to enter
  • Piracy: Max Level 19, Trader's Emblem required.

Unique things for sale



Interesting Facts

  • The small Cruisers can be captured, and are a rare player ship.
  • The moon, where one of Cove's best-cloaked bases is attached to, is actually being orbited by stellar bodies, rather than orbiting around one itself.