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Fleet Commander Class allows you to 'Take a command and control position and coordinate your allies in an orchestra of death.' The Fleet Commander Class gives +4% Field Generation Power. These stats are also amplified by 3 tertiary skills available only to Fleet Commander via the Fleet Shipyards in Lyceum:

  • Bot Mastery: Combat bots get +1.5% to most combat stats.1
  • Radiation Expert: 'Who needs children anyway?' Radiation weapons +10% damage, +3% Wild Bot Stats, is max tech level of Wild Bots
  • Flight Controller: 'Control vast squadrons of fighters.' +2% all Fighter stats, +5% Number of controllable Fighters

The Prerequisite for this skill is Fleet Focus, and your level of Fleet Commander Class cannot be trained any higher than your level in Fleet Focus, just as your level in any of the tertiary skills cannot exceed your level in the Fleet Commander Class.

NOTE: All classes have separate wild bot slots and combat bot slots, allowing you to have even bigger swarms of bots, or cap more ships in one run. This is especially useful for Fleet Commanders.

The Radiation Expert skill allows you to capture previously uncapturable ships. In the same way that Remote Control governs the max tech of your regular bots, Radiation Expert governs the max tech of these uncapturable ships and the number you can have, but even though it allows you to capture ships above your Remote Control, they still take up Combat Bot slots (these are Wild Combat Bot slots, separate from normal Combat Bot slots. The number of Wild Bot slots is equal to your number of normal bot slots). For these ships you still must be able to use all the gear they have equipped, have the piloting skill to be able to use the ship itself, and the ship must have 3 free space for the Prismatic Controlbot. Previously uncapturable ships cannot dock because they are too wild.

1 Combat stats enhanced are Shield, Energy, Speed, Turning, Damage, Rate of Fire, Shield Recharge, Energy Recharge, Thrust, Visibility, Hull (if not industrial freighter), Weight, Tracking, Radar, Tractor and range.


RadX Cappable Ships

My Sawtooth and Jujuso'qi wild bots
See also: Wild Bots

Only listing the ships that cannot normally be captured, and have been confirmed Radexable. Next to each is what tech it is. Also, if a capacity Augmenter or mini gear is necessary for the ship to have enough space for a Controlbot, it will be noted with a C.

  • more listings coming!

FC in Action

Here I am showing off the power of fleet commander.


Beating up more basils: