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The Equipment skill allows you to equip a class of miscellaneous gear of a given tech level (i.e. Hull Expanders, Shield Chargers, etc.).

Training Equipment costs skill points equal to 2+desired level. For instance, level 12 Equipment costs 14 skill points.

Where to Train

Location Base Name Accessibility Level Requirements Notes
Fly Times Flylet Research Outpost 3
Sol Earth Central 3
The Nexus Janitor's Outpost 3
Blue Outpost Blue Outpost 5 1 Blue Whisper Space Blue Alpha Scout drop and mined in Blue Outpost
Sol Earthforce Headquarter 5 1 Enforcer Rank
Vulcan Vulcan Mining Facility 7 50 Nuclear Waste
Prism Refraction Station 9 2 Solar Prisms Mined in Prism and Arctia
The Junkyard Creaky's Junkquarters 11 100 Silicon
XYZ Z 11 See XYZ for how to find the hidden Z station
Absolution Absolute Power 15 1 Hell Fire Remains Cleft Thorn drop
Perpetual Motion Drone Corp. Universal 15 1 Trader Signet
Bipolar Black Precipice P2P only 17 2 Ablution Crystals Rare Absolution and Seraph drop and Cardinal Bellarmine
and Cardinal Bellarmine from Hell drop and extracted from planets
Capella Assayer's Refinery 17 1 Traginium Mined in Bonnet and rarely in Arena Lobby
Gargan Gargan Harbor 18 5 Trader Insignia
Bipolar White Haven P2P only 19 1 Transcendental Hull Expander DG Drop
East Vindia East Vindia Trading Post 19 5 Trader Badge
Copper Copper Research Post 20 1 Kill of Copper Blob and 1 Copper Heart (Mission Based) Requires level 450
Olympus Entrance Hidden Lyceum Observation Platform P2P only 21 2 Fire Shards, 1 Storm Shard and 1 Swift Shard (Mission Based) Requires level 1000
Bila Dvarata P.S.S. Coronae P2P only 22 1 kill of Zarkara Adhara and 1 Kosthavidambin (Mission Based) Requires level 1500