Engineer Class

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An engineer strutting his stuff.

You bring technology and know-how into battle.

Engineers are the backbone of any good squad. The Engineer Class gives +0.5% to most stats1, -0.5% firing energy, +0.5% augmenter tweaking, bot tweaking, and neurotweak effectiveness. These stats are also amplified by 3 tertiary skills available only to Engineer. Engineer gets his tertiary skills via the Engineer's Workshop in Lyceum:

  • Beam Mastery: 'Scotty ain't got nuthin' on you.' +5% Tractor Beam Power and +5% Tractor Beam Range
  • Damage Control: 'Jury rig left and right as things fall apart.' +2% all Resistances including Transference, +2% Critical Hit Resistance

The Prerequisite for this skill is Support Focus, and your level of Engineer Class cannot be trained any higher than your level in Support Focus, just as your level in any of the tertiary skills cannot exceed your level in the Engineer Class.

1 Most stats are: Shield, Energy, Speed, Turning, Damage, Shield Charge, Energy Charge, Thrust, Tracking, Docking, RoF, Radar, Range and Electrical Tempering (divided, not multiplied)

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