Emperor Shaddam Kilrathi IV

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His Excellency, Emperor Shaddam Kilrathi IV

So you've climbed all the way up to The Emperor's Peak to seek an audience with the Emperor himself? Emperor Shaddam Kilrathi IV has been overseeing the militaristic Zaphragi empire and has used his expertise to reach an insurmountable level 5000. His Mastodonte is the product of the greatest engineers the Zaphragi can muster. He wields a mighty Shaddam Superlaser, which gives its victim resistance to transference, making it harder for their allies to heal them from his devastating blows. While his nigh impenetrable shields can withstand quite an onslaught, they don't have the same mind-boggling regenerative capabilities of some others, like the Mad Scientist's, so it is possible to take your time and whittle him down to nothing and claim your victory.