East Vindia

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A screenshot of the East Vindia star system. The team can be seen here fiercely defending their base.

East Vindia, usually called Vindia, is a star system with one AI controlled star base known as East Vindia Trading Post. It cannot be built in by players. This galaxy is the home of the East Vindia Company, a prestigious merchant guild. The East Vindia Company is known for its use of NCC-Bulks, and its members are universally renowned for their prowess at trading. Nevertheless, this fame comes with a price, as many wily pirates love to prey on this wealthy merchant faction.

Pirates often try to kill and loot Ismail, the leader of the East Vindia Company, for a few of his unique drops; the NCC-Special blueprint, his special Ismail's Augmenter, the Ismail's Prized Expander, and the revered Ismail's Presence. The NCC-Bulks often drop Scimitar Class Launch Mark III's . Pirate Maboule is also known to frequent this area.


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