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A Dungeon Galaxy (abbreviated DG) is a special galaxy chain of variable depth and width. Many DGs are scattered throughout the universe and are represented by red tabs on the universe map. A DG is entered through a red warp gate.


DG Depth

Each DG has at very minimum two levels, but can have as many as 14 levels. You can determine the depth of a DG by its name. The number before the decimal refers to the depth to end so if you see a DG named dg <galaxy name> 3.405 you know there are 3 gates until you hit the final level with a Boss AI. A player must kill half the AI on each level in order to move onto the next level.

Some DGs split half way through, leading to multiple bosses. The best course of action here is to kill all the AI and leave half of the keys behind. When you finish one half of the DG, you come back and collect the keys in order to do the other section.

As a note, you only need half of the keys (rounded down) to pass to the next level, there are no more than 8 AI per level

As a note,  you only need to kill half the AI (rounded up) to pass to the next level, there are no more than 8 AI per level.

In some special galaxies the old Neural Syncs still exists.

Danger Factor

Rumors go that each level of a DG increase the danger factor by 10. It yet has to be confirmed though.

This is not true according to Blue Dwarf.

"Blue Dwarf wrote: Oh yeah, I felt a bit bad about that, on the plus side though, I've been keeping tabs on the page and most of it is pretty accurate to where they should drop (if you follow your counting system setup on the wiki).

Ultimately though, there's quite a bit of randomization in there, dg drops have a relative probability and are weighted based on their offset from the danger factor of the galaxy (not actually the df though, it's the bosses 'difficulty' rating, which in most cases is the df anyway).

Given your last comment about boss DFs, just to mess with you all; Last universe, the highest Df galaxy within the universe was a DG boss galaxy, at just over 4100. That's not a typo, over four thousand and one hundred."

DG Boss Drops

At the last level of a DG is a Boss AI and its guards. The boss drops a reward from a drop table based on the Danger Factor of the starting galaxy, the number of levels in the DG, and the level of the Boss. The prize is somewhat random, but some DGs are more likely to drop particular pieces of equipment than others, because the "range" of possible drops is determined by the three factors mention previously. A list of DG drops can be found here.

Freezing Items

A DG level which has no players in it is not updated by the server, so any items dropped in that level "freeze" after 30 seconds and do not change until another player enters. In order to take full advantage of this, items such as keys should be dropped just before exiting a DG level, so that they will not decay before being frozen.