Drone Deployment

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Drone Deployment allows you to place Drones and costs 4 skill points per level to train. You can at most deploy 3 Temporary drones, except for Engineers which has 6 slots when the Engineer Class Skill Drone Mastery is maxed.

  • Temporary Drones: +150 Shields
  • Permanent Drones: +2% to Shield, Energy, Damage, Shield Recharge, Energy Recharge, Capacity, Tracking, Firing Rate, Radar, Range, and Cloaking.

It is required the same or greater level in Piloting in order to train Drone Deployment. For instance, although Ruby Steppes trains to level 20, non-premium players can only train Drone Deployment to 19 because they are limited to 19 in Piloting.

Where to Train

Location Base Name Accessibility Level Requirements Notes
Fly Times Flylet Research Outpost 2
The Nexus Janitor's Outpost 2
Free Market von Mises and Friedman 3
Sol Earth Central 3
East Vindia East Vindia Trading Post 5 1 Magic Attack
Blue Outpost Blue Outpost 6 1 Blue Aether Space Blue Alpha and Space Blue Alpha Interceptor drop
Lavanite Lava Visions 7 1 MagCannon II Drone
Glass Matrix Ice Matrix 8 1 Ice Drone Ice Drones are size 300
Prism Refraction Station 10 1 Solar Cleansings Absolution drop
Deflector Fluxial Pull 11 10 Solar Prisms Mined in Prism and Arctia
Serpica Scale Center 12 1 Qafir Drone Blueprint Bought at Serpica -- 3,000,000 Credits
Nihilite Green Nile 14 5 Bauxite Prospected
Shadow Lush Incision 14 1 Good Electric Drone Controller Blueprint Bought at Shadow -- 58,094,000 Credits
Perpetual Motion Drone Corp. Universal 16 2 Blue Beta Drone Space Blue Beta drop
Steppes Undone Encasement 16 1 Quu Drone Quu Drones are size 560
Bipolar Black Precipice P2P only 18 1 Blue Gamma Drone Space Blue Gamma drop.
Ruby Steppes Ruby Slippers P2P for 20* 20 1 Qafir Drone Qafir Drones are size 7500
Olympus Entrance Hidden Lyceum Observation Platform P2P only 21 2 Strife Shards, 1 Lightning Shard, 1 Swift Shard (Mission Based) Requires level 1000
Subspace P2P only 22 Uber Kill and commod Requires level 1500
* Only trainable to level 19 due to the required Piloting 20 being off-limits to F2Ps.

Permanent Drone Slots

The amount of permanent drone slots a drone takes is dependent on it's tech level, shown in the table below.

The amount of permanent drone slots you have is equal to twice your level in Drone Deployment and Drone Research combined.

Tech Level Drone slots
0-5 2
6-8 3
9-11 4
12-13 5
14-15 6
16-17 7
18-19 8
20 9