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In Star Sonata, the primary form of currency is Credits. Credits can be scooped when they are dropped by players, bases, or AI, earned when items are sold to stations, or traded directly between players. They can be spent on skills and items. They are the staple of the game's economy and as such their value can change drastically over time.

Earning Credits

There are a number of ways to earn credits, some of them are listed here:

  • Killing AI. Most AI drop credits when they die.
  • Mining Resources. You can sell these at stations for a profit.
  • Trading. Trading, either yourself or by using slaves, is a way to make money.
  • Selling Items. You can sell the items you collect throughout the game to stations or to other players.
  • Completing Dungeons. Most Dungeon "bosses" drop a large sum of money when they die. Dungeon AI also drop valuable items, augmenters, and blueprints as well as rare commodities and gear. All of these can be sold for profit.
  • Accepting and Completing Missions. Many AI bases throughout the game will have various missions you can complete for a reward. These rewards can be cash, experience, items, skills, and sometimes nothing. Be sure to read the mission dialogue before starting so you know what you're in for.
  • Capturing AI. Using a radiation type weapon and a Prismatic Conversion, players can capture and sell AI for a profit.
  • Opening a Shop. Some players open shops - bases with Trading Bays on them - to sell the items they find, produce, or mine.
  • Running a Colony. For some players, colonies can make large sums of money if run properly.
  • Selling Industrial Commodities to AI Stations in the Wild Space layer. This is done by acquiring factories from Capella and equip them on your station kit. Example to convert Metals to Steel Girders using a Steel Foundry.
  • Note that this list is not all inclusive and some things may have been left out.

Losing Credits

Naturally, buying anything from a base, purchasing a skill, or trading cash for an item from a player causes you to lose credits. You can also lose credits by dying. There are other ways to lose credits as well, such as being scammed by another player, or running an unprofitable trade route.

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