Control Skills

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Control Skills:

These skills are trained in Lagrange at the hidden base. Each one costs skill points equal to the level of the skill desired per rank, and is capped at 25 ranks. All Control skills share one skill pool; For example if one has 25 lvl in radiation control lvl 1 in mining control costs 26 skill points.

There is one for each of the seven damage types, and they are exclusive to the Resistance Skills, so pick carefully because for each damage type you can either have a resist or a control.

These skills add 1 damage per projectile to all weapons that match the damage type. This damage is added after all ship, class, aug and overloader boni - "on top"; For example if one is a Sniper and does 10k energy dam per shot he will do with lvl 25 in Energy Control 10,025 dam per shot. These skills are useful for multiprojectile weapons or weapons that have fast rate of fire.