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The Blue Pirates', also known as the Space Blues, are an organized crime syndicate bent on undermining Earthforce and ruling the underworld. Their ship designs and styles are now well known throughout the galaxy, they designed their own ship and gear technologies using special materials found in Blue Outpost. The smallest form of this material is the Blue Whisper.

Some of the first of the Blue's operations was smuggling weapon components into Brigand's Stronghold and stealing more weaponry parts from Earthforce itself. After an attack on Free Market using Space Blue Alpha Scouts, the Blue Pirates made off with an untold fortune of credits and gear from the station.

After this, they used their newly-developed Space Blue Alpha ship design to attack Wolf 359, an Earthforce outpost near Sol, to retrieve a prototype microwarp device that Earthforce lost in that area. Although Wolf 359 was not directly attacked, the Blue destroyed the Earthforce salvaging ships and stole the prototype microwarper. An Earthforce Enforcer unit discovered the location of Topaz Eye Jimmy, one of the leaders of the Blue Pirates. Consequently Topaz Eye Jimmy was killed in combat.

Meanwhile the Blues were developing their latest new ship, the Space Blue Alpha Interceptor. During all of this, Earthforce Enforcer units were combating the latest ship designs the Blue produced to prevent any more raids on Inner Ring stations and planets. Scouting intel indicated the presence of a new type of Blue ship, the Space Blue Alpha Advanced x1, on a test flight in Brigand's Stronghold. Shortly after they discovered Blue Shipyards where this new experimental ship had been designed. From the wreckage of the shipyards, Earthforce discovers that the Blue were being aided by Blue Photon in the construction of their newest ship design.

During Earthforce's operations targeting the Alpha Advanced x1 and the Blue Shipyards, Barbe Bleu plans a raid on Auric Sector and uses the microwarp technology they recently acquired to raid the system for Gold, stealing it from the Goldenboy merchants and getting away with crates full of gold. With this new microwarp technology and the help of Jorgan Friedman, the Blue also began the small-scale production of the Space Blue Alpha Transwarp ship design.

With Blue Photon's cooperation, Jorgan Friedman was revealed to be the Blue agent and was promptly terminated by Earthforce. From the contract recovered from his ship, Jorgan Friedman had been working for Juno Horus and was working with Barbe Bleu, leader of the Blue Pirates. With information on his whereabouts, Earthforce Enforcers killed Barbe Bleu in combat, temporarily halting Blue operations.

Earthforce continued to fight the Blue, however despite this production began on the latest new Blue ship. The Space Blue Beta began full production with a new weapon design at their disposal, the Blue Bullets Beta. With a powerful arsenal and improved stealth, Earthforce sent in an agent to acquire technical design data on the Beta to help counter this new threat. Successful, Earthforce managed to acquire blueprint data on the Space Blue Beta as well as an upcoming ship design, the Blue Gamma Prototype. The Blue were testing this new design within Blue Research when it was disabled and self-destructed during combat with Earthforce Constables. The prototype would eventually lead to the Space Blue Gamma being created, as well as the weaker Space Blue Gamma Scout.

According to the Strontium Dogs, the Beta Monster designed a lot of the pirate hulls found around the universe. This includes at least some of the Space Blue ship designs. He may have also helped design the Blue Bullets line of weaponry for the Blue Pirates.

Wernher von Bleu helped design the Space Blue hulls including the series of Blue fighters. After Barbe Bleu's death he fled Blue Research to Perilous Space and ended up in The End of the Universe where he went in debt and had to begin working at the restaurant located there. With the help of Earthforce he escaped the restaurant and in turn helped design an improved Blue fighter for Earthforce to use. Additionally he informs them of the Blue Baron, who is in charge of the elite fighter squadron called Blue Delta Force.


The Blue Pirates are led by Barbe Bleu, with Topaz Eye Jimmy as his second in command. Topaz Eye Jimmy is a well-known pirate and lieutenant of the Blue that helped plan the raid on Free Market, he is wanted for piracy, illegal bounty hunting, smuggling, racketeering and conspiracy to commit terrorism.

Both were killed in combat by Earthforce but the Blue Pirates continued without them. It is not known if anyone took Barbe Bleu's position or if there is any core leadership structure left. The production of the Beta and Gamma ships would indicate that the Blue are still organized, however.

The Blue Baron is the leader of the Blue Delta Force, however after Barbe Bleu's death he does not take over.

Volcom Pirate Relations

The Blue helped supply the Volcom Pirates with their operations in the Nexus sector. While the Volcom were fragmented by the end of the Nexus events, many of its members were recruited into either the Blackhole Brigands or the Blue Pirates.

Bounty Hunting

The Blue Pirates offer rewards for killing targets with bounties on them, operating in Brigand's Stronghold. They also offer rewards for killing specific types of hulls, as this increases the insurance premiums and leads to pilots of those hulls paying more for insurance, which the Blue get a share of. They also offer rewards for killing enemy mercenaries and assassins.

For destroying Earthforce Capital Ships, the player is rewarded with Reaver Pirate gear.