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The Black Box is a very useful item. Few players, especially new players, realize their value.

Black boxes record events (or more accurately, the death of the holder) in black box reports, which are then dropped near the scene of the crime. They refuse the scoop of everyone except the owner or a team member. Best used on bases and bots, black boxes can easily record base or slave destruction when the owner is away. Since they require no workers to use on a player station, they are truly ideal for those who wish to avenge a destroyed outpost.

These reports, however, do not last forever; eventually, they will fade away, much like normal items. The length of time before the black box report decays can be extended with the Historical Records skill.

Black boxes that are scooped up by an AI ship are automatically equipped (along with other objects that are simultaneously scoop-equipped). This means after they have been killed, the perpetrator can read the subsequent report. Black boxes dropped from AI are shown as regular items. Black boxes from actual players have a different icon in place.

Name TL Size Weight Source Description Comments
Black Box 0 1 1,000 AI Base 5,000 Credits get the post-mortem on your property.
Station Black Box 0 0 10,000 Inbuilt on Station Kit A logging device, so you know when all their base belongs to you. Cannot be destroyed, Can't unequip, Base
Improved Black Box 10 10 10,000 AI Base 1,000,000 Credits Always get the post-mortem on your property. Can't unequip, Base