Berserker Class

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Berserker Class allows 'You seek the heart of any battle.' It gives +100% Multifiring at level 1, +2% Hostility,+3% Damage, Equiped weapons take -1% space. These stats are also amplified by 3 tertiary skills availible only to Berserker Class via the Berserker Halls in Lyceum:

  • Impervious Armor: 'In his rage, the beserker can focus solely on his target.' +5% Resistances, -2% Speed
  • Ordinance Supremacy: 'A beserker can store his rage, and then unleash it all at once.' +4% Energy max, +1% Damage
  • Arsenal Expertise: 'A True warrior masters a wide array of weaponry.' +5% Multifire, +2.5% Weapon Hold, +1% Damage

The Prerequisite for this skill is Combat Focus, and your level of Berserker Class cannot be trained any higher than your level in Combat Focus, just as your level in any of the tertiary skills cannot exceed your level in the Berserker Class.