Advanced Class Subskills

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Advanced Class Subskills can be chosen and trained as a class skill once unlocked in the class skill tree.


Advanced Subskills

General Subskills

There are different advanced subskills for each focus and class, but 6 subskills are available for any class to choose. These subskills are called General Subskills.

  • Shake it Off: +500 shield charge and +500 energy charge while in stasis
  • Centered: +500 shield charge and +500 energy charge (Effect is canceled on firing or taking damage, requires 15 seconds to reapply)
  • Strategic Deployment: +50 speed (Effect is canceled on firing or taking damage, requires 30 seconds to re-apply. Also affects bots)
  • Resilient: 100% chance on damage to gain +50% resistance (90% for bots) for 1 second, effect can occur at most once every 30 seconds
  • Bot Ph.D.: +8 combat bot slots
  • Droney: +1 temporary drone deployment slot

Focus Subskills

Some advanced subskills are focus locked, and are only available for the two classes they contain. These subskills are called Focus Subskills.

Class Subskills

Each class has 4 advanced subskills which only they can train. These are called Class Subskills.

Speed Demon

  • Master Scout: +10% Speed, +25% Radar, -50% Scanner energy cost
  • Acrobat: +25% Thrust, -50% Critical Hit effect duration, -50% Inertial Dampening
  • Fighter Ace: +15% Rate of Fire, -25% Range
  • Lucky Devil: +5% Critical Hit Percentage, +10% Evasion


  • Wraith: +15% Stealth, +8% Damage with ethereal weapons
  • Clairvoyant: +20% Radar, +5% Critical Hit Percentage
  • Assassin: +15% Backstab Damage, +20% Warp Device charging rate
  • Brooding Gaze: +10% Shield Recharge and +10% Energy Recharge while cloaked and no aggressive action for 2 seconds


  • Berserker Classic: +200% Multifire, -30% Rate of Fire
  • Weapons Master: +20% Hostility, +3 weapon slots for ships with at least 1 weapon slot
  • Berserking Berserker: +30% Speed, +10% Rate of Fire
  • Eye for an Eye: +33% Shielding gained from Lifesteal, +10% Resistance


  • Long Scope: +10% Sniper Analysis power increase, +10% Sniper Analysis charging time
  • Quick Scope: +20% Sniper Analysis charging rate
  • Grooved Bore: +10% Damage with physical weapons, +25% Tracking. +25% Projectile Speed (scaled inversely with ship speed)
  • Marksman: +10% Damage if attacking from more than 2,000 distance, +15% Stealth

Shield Monkey

  • Funky Monkey: +100% Shield Recharge while in stasis. +100% transference healing to targets in stasis, +10% transference vulnerability to target on critical heal
  • Flying Monkey: Light Fighters: +50% Hull Space. -25% Hostility
  • Tanky Monkey: 50% of the damage taken by bots will be diverted to the player, +5% Resistance (Damage is transferred before bot & player’s resistances are applied, damage transfer will not occur if you are in a different star system than the bot or you are in a pod/spirit)
  • Enveloping Monkey: +30% damage (scaled by target’s shield percentage) (+30% if target is at full shields, +15% if at half shields, etc.) (DOES NOT apply to shield transference)


  • Mechanical Engineer: +3 temporary drone equip slots, +15% Energy
  • Computer Engineer: +50% healing, 200 range splash effect added to all single target shield transference beams
  • Electrical Engineer: +10% charge rate for equipped drones, +5% Energy Recharge
  • Civil Engineer: +20% transference resistance, -15% tractor beam energy cost

Fleet Commander

  • Fleet Protector: +100% transference healing when healing own possessions
  • Fleet Admiral: All Field Generators will affect allied capital ships
  • Wild Man: +50% wild bot slots, +50% resistance to all for wild bots
  • Advanced Flight Controller: +75% Dodge for Fighters, +2 Fighter slots


  • Advanced Targeting Computers: +1 Deathblossom target, +100 energy per second consumed when Deathblossom is equipped
  • Automated Reloading: +20% Missile Launcher charging rate, +2 Missile Launcher queue slots (Note: +20% Missile Launcher charging rate does not mean you will fire every 4 seconds, instead you will fire every 4.16 seconds)
  • Mass Destruction: +100% splash range to weapon effects
  • Gunboat Diplomat: Heavy Fighters: +100% shield bank, +100% energy bank and +1 super item slot