Abandoned and Destroyed Bases

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Destroyed Bases

An unlucky player's dead base.

When a base's shield bank reaches zero, the base will turn into a Destroyed Base. Destroyed Bases cannot be harmed any further as they are an inoperable shell of a normal, functioning base. They can either be repaired with a Repair Kit or emptied of items and destroyed with a Base Demolition Kit. While a base is destroyed, it will not produce any commodities, extract ruins, build items, or allow items to be transferred to the base. It is also impossible for any player other than the owner to dock at a Destroyed Base. After a while, a Destroyed Base will turn into a Destroyed and Abandoned Base, or a Destroyed Base can be abandoned manually.

To abandon a base, select it with your mouse and press X, then select Abandon Base.

Destroyed Bases do not take up a Galaxy's base slots.

Destroyed Bases can be taken over 432000*((Tech/2)+5)/10 seconds after bring destroyed.

Abandoned Bases

An abandoned base

An Abandoned Base is created when a player decides to leave the base without destroying it with a Base Demolition Kit, or if the base goes without rations for an extended period of time. A Destroyed Base may also become an abandoned base over time. The ammount of time it takes for a Destroyed Base to go Abandoned depends on the tech level of the base.

An Abandoned Base's lights do not flash, and can be taken over as long as it has workers and rations, and there are open base slots in the galaxy. If the base lacks rations, or possibly workers, a player can take over the base by having the missing commodity in their ship.

As with Destroyed Bases, Abandoned Bases do not take up a Galaxy's base slots.

Bases without rations can be taken over after 259200*((Tech/2)+5)/10 seconds.

Destroyed and Abandoned Bases

A destroyed and abandoned base

A Destroyed and Abandoned Base is much the same as a Destroyed Base, except there is no owner as with an Abandoned Base. A player may dock and take over the base so long as the requirements for taking over an Abandoned Base are met (read above). They can then be repaired with a Repair Kit or the items, if any, can be salvaged from it.

Destroyed and Abandoned Bases do not take up a Galaxy's base slots.